The Buckler farm has been in our family for 3 generations.
It was originally homesteaded by David Buckler in 1905.
In 2005, we celebrated 100 years of farming along with
the Alberta Centennial.
Bucklers Farm is now closed for 2014

Come on out for the naturally grown berries and vegetables. 
The drive out here is beautiful, the farm is peaceful and
offers quite the family adventure. 
Bring a blanket for a family picnic:
before or after your
time in the gardens. 
Please remember your buckets and
recyclable shopping bags !!
Recent  Newsletter
Updated May 4 2014
Due to uncertainty, the farm may not open for 2015.  Newsletter will no longer be sent out.  Please keep an eye on the web site for updates.
Thank you for visiting our gardens and enjoying our naturally grown produce.